We work in partnership with a range of Consultants to provide complimentary services. Here are the current partners.

Richard Turner
Dickies Fitness
07583 963106
Richard studied Sports Science and Coaching at Bedford University before travelling to the USA, where he worked as a leader for a popular summer camp that catered for 12-14 year old boys.

He also found himself in Australia after being invited out to play field hockey in Newcastle and then Sydney, neatly accommodating his passions for both travel and professional level sport.

Richard started his own personal training business, Dickie’s Fitness, two years ago after working in gyms across Kent and the South East. As his experience and knowledge increased, he moved away from cross-fit and began to focus on exercises and concepts that would be more beneficial to his clients when it came to delivering real-world results. He further complimented his skill-set with workshops and qualifications in Olympic weightlifting, calisthenics and movement perfection.

Richard is still a keen hockey player, now representing the Men’s 1st team in Sevenoaks, who play in the second highest league in the country. His other sporting hobby is cricket, and there too he represents the Kent village team of Leeds and Broomfield, who play at Leeds Castle.

Richard’s current focus in his training is Olympic weightlifting, due to the transferability of power, speed and strength that is relevant to his other sports. The other muscle he is keen on flexing is a sharp mind, and he’s always happy to learn new things, and relishes a challenging chat with his clients!
Brett Cooper
Massage Therapist
BMC Therapies
07940 126384
Fiona Kennard
Elite Health & Nutrition
Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation
07891 283996
Mark Heffernan
Chartered Physiotherapist
BSc (Hons) MCSP
07818 192745
I have been working at Bob Prowse for a while now. Although Physiotherapy is my main occupation, I also treat patients using, sports massage, back manipulation and acupunture. I enjoy my job extremely as it is very rewarding. I like to keep fit too, you can often find me training in the gym with my ipod on, in the zone!
Hannah Beames
I have been a practising aromatherapist and a successful ITEC tutor since 1992, since then I have been working at the Bob Prowse Health Club as part of the team. I teach Massage at the Maidstone School of Complimentary Therapy and have had many successful students go on to have credits and distictions on their ITEC diploma courses. There have been over 400! I train to keep my body strong for applying massage without injury to myself.


Anatomy, Physiology and Massage (ITEC Dip.)

Aromatherapy Massage (ITEC Dip.)

Teaching Certificate

Clinic Times:

Friday 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Cheryl Cunningham
Hands On For Health
Back Pain Clinic
07748 167001